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Annual Membership Applications & Pricing


Membership Type Pricing
Individual Annual $319 / year
Individual—Monthly $40 a month/ 3 month minimum
Family Annual add on Individual plus $100 per add’l person
Family add on—Monthly Individual Monthly plus $20 per add’l person
Corporate $275 per employee (minimum 5 required)
Membership Level Benefits (good for 1yr) Individual Annual Individual Monthly Family Annual Family Monthly Corporate
Unlimited Use of Range yes yes yes yes yes
Guest Passes* per year 5 0 5 0 0
Discount on Select Merchandise yes yes yes yes yes
Discounted FFL transfers $20 0 $20 0 0

FFL – one gun transfer is $30 – $15 for each additional gun.


Get Started Today!

close-up of a man with a shot gun after shooting it, gun smoking and casing in midair

All terms and conditions subject to change without notice

Lane use is unlimited unless there is a waiting list. Then time is limited to 1-hour sessions.

*Guests must use the same lane as the member.

**The number of people in the family determines the pricing for the annual and monthly memberships.

All family members under the age of 18 will not be charged but must be accompanied by an adult family member to use the range facilities.