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Range Safety Rules at Our Stuart, FL, Shooting Center

When there is no Range Safety Officer on duty inside the range, all shooters are expected to know, adhere to, and help enforce range rules. If you observe a violation of these range rules, please bring it to the attention of any staff member and we will take corrective action. It is our goal to have a completely safe range for you to enjoy every visit. Thank you from the staff and management!

Range rules

    1. Keep your weapon unloaded and cased or holstered until you enter the range. Do not enter the store with a loaded firearm. UNCASE AND UNHOLSTER ALL GUNS IN THE SHOOTING STALLS ONLY. NO GUNS ARE ALLOWED BEHIND THE STALLS. NO EXCEPTIONS !!
    2. When leaving the range area, make sure your firearm is unloaded and in a safe condition (holstered and/or in a case).
    3. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while in the range area.
    4. Always keep firearms unloaded and keep your finger off the trigger until you are in the booth and ready to shoot.
    5. Dry Firing (unloaded) is permitted from the firing line only.
    6. If you have a jammed or malfunctioning firearm, place the gun on the bench with the barrel pointed downrange. Then ask range personnel for assistance. DO NOT BRING THE FIREARM INTO THE RETAIL AREA.
    7. Do not hand a loaded firearm to another person. Place the firearm on the shooting bench and allow them to pick the firearm up from the bench.
    8. We recommend only 1 firearm at a time be uncased in the shooting stall. This is just a recommendation to reduce confusion with different ammo calibers.
    9. Commands issued by range staff must be followed immediately. When the command CEASE FIRE is given, stop shooting immediately and remove your finger from the trigger. Keep the gun pointed downrange and wait for further instructions from range personnel.
    10. No fully automatic firearms, black powder, steel core, steel tips, tracers, armor-piercing or other exotic ammunition. Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm. Factory ammunition is preferred. Hand-loaded ammunition must adhere to manufacturer specification. NO HOT LOADS will be permitted. Range personnel may deny the use of non-factory ammo at any time. If a magnet adheres to the tip of the bullet, it will not be allowed to be shot.
    11. All shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent / legal guardian at all times on the range.
    12. Two people maximum are allowed per lane. Other guests must remain in the retail area and can watch through the large bulletproof windows.
    13. No one is permitted forward of the firing line at any time. Request a range employee to retrieve any equipment that falls forward of the firing line.
    14. Stuart Shooting Center reserves the right to deny the use of targets on the range that may be deemed offensive or unsafe.
    15. Use the appropriate size target, placed on the cardboard backing below the black line, to ensure that your shot strikes the backstop and not the floor, ceiling, or target carrier.
    16. Shooting at anything other than your own target is prohibited and will subject you to removal from the range.
    17. Firing a shot that results in damage to any range equipment may result in a repair fee and your removal from the range.
    18. Food, tobacco, and beverages are not allowed on the range. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the range and retail area.
    19. There is no drawing from holsters. You may not use a shoulder ankle, cross draw or other holster on teh range. No “double tap” or rapid firing allowed.
    20. Report all violations of range rules to the Range Safety Officer.
    21. Stuart Shooting Center reserves the right to refuse service or membership to any individual who, in our judgment, would endanger the safety of our staff or patrons. Any unsafe conduct may result in immediate dismissal from the range without a refund.
    22. Stuart Shooting Center’s bullet traps are designed to handle handgun and rifle calibers under .50 caliber. If you are unsure if your firearm may be shot on the range, please ask a Range Officer for assistance.
    23. Be sure your firearm is safe to operate and know how to use it safely. Please see a range officer if you have any questions.
    24. Accidental discharges, damages or injuries, no matter how minor they may seem, MUST be reported to the Range Officer immediately.
    25. The Range personnel have the final authority.

Thank you.

Come enjoy a safe, fun day with us on the range! 772-286-0576