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Stuart, FL’s Premier Shooting Range

Clean and Comfortable Gun Range

Welcome to Stuart Shooting Center in Stuart, FL. Our mission is to provide our community with a state-of-the-art all-weather facility, education, and a safe environment. To that end, Stuart Shooting Center offers a modern, amenity-laden gun range that is clean and comfortable. We have 10 shooting stalls that are 75 feet in distance and accommodate pistols up to .50 caliber and small rifles. We are a 5-star facility, certificate from NSSF.

Ask us about our special deal days for veterans, first responders, and other professionals who dedicate their lives to serving our community and keeping us safe. It’s how we say thank you for all that you do!


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handgun posed on a black background with bullets and casing in the foreground

Classes and spectator activities

Anyone is welcome to come hone his or her shooting skills on our indoor range, but you don’t have to practice alone. Stuart Shooting Center is proud to have a community of gun enthusiasts and shooting experts to host classes on a “range” of different shooting and safety topics. Ask us for our current schedule of classes, including concealed carry, gun safety and cleaning, Handguns 101, intermediate and advanced target practice, private instruction sessions with the firearm of your choice, and more. You’ll get professional instruction and meet your fellow neighbors, so come on in and make new friends with the same interests!

close-up of shooting range target and bullets

Great environment

Of course, Stuart Shooting Center maintains top-quality shooting ranges for target practice all year long. Safety is our number 1 priority. We provide the latest safety features to protect the shooter: ballistically secure ceilings and walls, bulletproof viewing windows, top-of-the-line air quality system.

But that’s not the only reason you’ll enjoy a trip out to see us. Our range has a safe spectator seating area for watching friends, family, and other gun enthusiasts sharpen their skills. You’ll also find snacks and refreshments on sale for everyone in the shooter’s lounge, clean men’s and women’s bathrooms onsite, and plenty of parking so you never waste time looking for a spot.

Firearm Sales and Service

At Stuart Shooting Center, you’ll find all the supplies you need to purchase and maintain your firearms safely. From top-selling day-to-day firearms to special and rare items, we rotate through new gun inventory often. At any given time, our stock might include Rugers, Glocks, AK-47s, AR15’s and rifles, so contact us or visit the range often to keep up-to-date with our current stock. You’ll also find ammo, cases, cleaning kits, and safety gear to keep your firearm collection in top condition on and off the range.


Bring your dirty firearms in and we will clean them for you. You can stay and wait while we clean them or drop them off for pick up on another day when they’re ready.


We also offer a firearm transfer service if you see a gun for sale outside of Stuart that you’d like to purchase. Have it shipped here securely for a $30 fee for the first gun and $15 after that. You’ll be able to pick up the firearm from us, along with any other supplies you need.


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Come meet the Stuart Shooting Center Family! 772-286-0576